Hi I'm Reinetha. Nice to meet you. Let's be friends? ♥

Hi. so, this is my faqs page.

Frequently Asks [;

——Reinetha Desnilea Candra
How old are you?
Where do u live? 
——I live at Batam, part of Indonesia ;3
Are you an Asian?
——Yes , I am :]
When did you start tumblr-ing?
——August 2011. in that time, my blog is still random type. curious bout’ my posts? see here.
Check my blog? 
——Definitely OK! ;D i’ll be so happy if u ask this to me ;3
Follow back? 
——I dont follow back by request , u can ask me to check your blog though.
Type of your blog? 
——pastel and kfashion 
Why the unfollow? 
——ok, maybe u have unfollowed me before, or 
——your blog type is not same with me :[ , or
——i dont reblog anything from ur blog, or
——you spam too much in my dashboard, or
——you posts porn. I hate that posts ;[
[ you could ask me to check ur blog again if u want me to follow you again ,but if u posts porn i won’t ]
Vote for me..? 
——Sure if my friend is not there
Spread to vote for you?
——Sure if my friend is not there
Where do you got the photos for your kfashion edits?
——the source is from google, weheartit, i dunno. i like and just save it then edit myself. i put the edit photos source is my url because im the one who edit it. i also will put the photos source and i usually watermark the photos with reinetha@edited :) so please don’t judge!: )
Fansign for fansign? 
——Sure! just message me ;D *but you first* ;) or you may make one for me, submit it to me then write in the caption ; f4f dear ;]
——Sureee, ofc. just message me what position you want ;] here is my tumily
Save your posts?
——Okay, but dont take credits and claim that it’s yours;] respect the real owner please ;D
How many followers?
——1K+ . No judge <3
Tumblr famous?
——Nope :]
——191 flawless blogs now
Why dont reply?
——Maybe I published it so you cant see it. You may find it here
——i am in ask limit
Track any tags?
——Em, Yup! :3 sometimes ;) i track #reinetha #kfashion #pariskdreamers #paristhemes
Help with HTML?
——Sure, just message me , but if i can ;] haha X3
Promo game?
——ofc. just TA me. if the note reach, i will. if no, no then. haha :3

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